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Welcome to my website, these pages give details of the solar systems we have installed in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire and records of the outputs we have got from them. The solar hot water system was installed in September 1999 and the PV in March 2004 and extended in January 2017

Our house faces 40 degrees west of south, but the PV has still managed to produce around what was predicted for a south facing roof. August 2019 saw us pass 30MWs of home generation. PV typically produces 75% of its annual output over the 6 months through summer when the sun is higher in the sky, and the remaining 25% over the other 6 months. Good Energy pay us for our electricity generation from the 1.7 kWh system plus for the 50% of total generation assumed as exported, our PV was installed before the Feed In Tariff was announced and can't include the system extension of the other 1.9kWp.

I am with Good Energy, who source 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas on their Green Driver 'time of use' electricity tariff so get 5 hours overnight for just 5p/kWh. If you switch using this link , we will both receive 50 pounds credit and be helping create a cleaner, greener future.
By 21st April 2021 we have generated as much as imported this year, most electricity usage is for charging the car.Full details on Grid connect PV page.

2022 Monthly details:-
January -This month very sunny with best Jan to date. Generated 130kWhs(PVGIS 113kWhs).
February -This month came out average for February. Generated 174kWhs(PVGIS 160kWhs).
March -This month came out above average. Generated 346kWhs(PVGIS 333kWhs)
April -This month came out well below average. Generated 375kWhs(PVGIS 416kWhs)
May -This month was fairly sunny and came out just below average. Generated 454kWhs(PVGIS 458kWhs)
June -This month came out below average. Generated 440kWhs(PVGIS 462kWhs)

The solar hot water system produces over 70% of the hot water used in this house. It produced 100% of the hot water from early March to middle of September in 2000. Proving to us that solar power really does work in England. We normally turn the boiler off for around 5 months in the summer each year. The solar hot water system was installed as a DIY installation, but the Renewable Heat Incentive was launched April 2014 for domestic properties which will pay you for the hot water you generate if the system is installed by an MCS accredited installer . Our house faces approximately South West which is not the optimum direction, but even so water temperatures in the summer regularly reach over 60 deg C (up to 80degC on very sunny days) and in the middle of winter on a clear frosty day we have got the water heated up to over 40 deg C even though the air temp is below O deg!!!

  I hope you find this site interesting, please email me if you have any questions or comments.

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