Fuel Usage Performance data 2021  

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2021 generated 3,442 kWhrs (96% of 3,583kWhrs)

The table below compares the monthly generation against the PV-GIS predicted output. Red figures are below predicted level and green figures are above.

This year started very dull with Jan then picked up with a sunny summer. But Nov and Dec very dull with poor generation, total generation ended up at 3,442kWh.
A total of 4,272kWh's were imported this year, approx 1,500 kWhs more last year due to using car for more.
Also gas usage data graph below, gas usage in 2021 was 3,991kWhs.

2021 Stats:

Total generation in 2021 = 3,442 kWh's

Best week = 144 kWhrs ... Best day = 24 kWhrs


Electricity comparison generated / imported (graph-weekly data)

Weekly electricity generation comparison (graph)

Monthly PV data graph

Weekly PV generation data table 2021

Cumulative generation 2021

Daily PV data 2021 graph

Weekly gas usage graph 2010-2021

Weekly electricity imports graph 2011-2021

2021 Monthly details:-
January -This month very overcast so very low generation. Generated 73kWhs(PVGIS 113kWhs).
February -This month started wet, but ended very sunny. Generated 170kWhs(PVGIS 164kWhs).
March -This month generated just above average at 304kWhs(PVGIS 333kWhs).
April -This month generated well above average at 464kWhs(PVGIS 416kWhs).
May -A wet and dull month generated well below average at 418kWhs(PVGIS 458kWhs).
June -This month started well then clouded over, generated below average at 441kWhs(PVGIS 462kWhs).
July -This month was quite sunny, generated about average at 475kWhs(PVGIS 458kWhs)
August -A very dull overcast month, worst Aug on my records only generated 357kWhs(PVGIS 391kWhs)
September -This month was quite sunny, generated about average at 342kWhs(PVGIS 334kWhs)
October -This month generated about average at 214kWhs(PVGIS 225kWhs)
November -This month generated well below average at 115kWhs(PVGIS 137kWhs)
December -This month my lowest generation for December to date, well below average at 56kWhs(PVGIS 96kWhs)