Fuel Usage Performance data 2012  

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Generated and imported electricity data for 2012 with monthly summaries below, also graph of weekly gas usage over the years.

This year was one of the wettest years on record, all this cloud cover gave the worst result since my system installed with annual total of only 1514 kWh generated. A total of 852 kWh's were imported this year, approx 56% of the amount generated by the PV. By March 19th 2012 we have generated as much as imported this year, over a week sooner than last year as February and March were very sunny.
Overall we still ended up at 95% of 1600kWh target.(see monthly data chart)

2012 Stats

total recorded generation in 2012 = 1514 kWh's

Best week = 64 kWhrs ... Best day = 10 kWhrs


Electricity comparison generated / imported (graph-weekly data)

Weekly electricity generation comparison (graph)

Weekly PV generation data table 2012

Cumulative generation 2012

Daily PV data 2012 graph

Weekly gas usage graph 2004-2012 (log burner installed Sept 2008)

Weekly electricity imports graph 2004-2012

2012 Monthly details:-
January - has been the best Jan figure since system installed (56kWh), getting the year off to a good start
February - has been well above average and easily the second best Feb figure since system installed (82kWh, 6 year average 71), continuing the good start to the year
March - has continued the record breaking run this with the best March figure since system installed (174kWh) and also had the best March week at 58kWh -previous best 47kWh
April - has continued the record breaking run but this time as the worst April since system installed (148kWh, average 190kWh) this has also been the wettest April since Met office records began in 1910
May - started poorly but has improved to end up as an average month (200kWh, average 199kWh)
June - Was way below normal, a very cloudy and wet month only generating 160 kWh (average 212 kWh) previous worst year was 194 kWh in 2007
July - Turned out to be an average month compared to the last 5 years despite all the rain (188kWh, average 189kWh)
August - Another wet month generally and at 165 kWh was 17 kWh below average (average 182kWh) This is now officially the wettest summer on record
September - A much better month 157 kWh was 7 kWh above average (150kWh) The best Sept since 2007
October - Started well but the last 2 weeks were very poor, thus giving a monthly total of only 89kWh one of the worst on record for me (average 104kWh)
November - Turned out to be an average month with total of 57kWh (average 59kWh) despite all the rain this month leading to the floods locally
December - Turned out to be an average month with total of 38kWh (average 39kWh) despite all the rain this month leading to more floods locally