Fuel Usage Performance data 2018  

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PVGIS website shows 1583kWh annually. First full year with extended capacity exceeded this figure.

2018 generated 3655 kWhrs (102%) The table below compares the monthly generation against the PV-GIS predicted output. Red figures are below predicted level and green figures are above.

Generated and imported electricity data for 2018 with monthly summaries and annual comparisons below.

This year started with Jan, Mar and April below expectation, but a lot of snow in spring and then a very sunny summer and autumn, total generation ended up at 3,655kWh.
A total of 3,012kWh's were imported this year, approx 1,000kWhs up on last year, due to the electric car being charged mainly at home and doing over 14,000 miles in it. The extra electricty cost was more than offset by the savings of buying fuel for the car previously used.
By May 5th 2018 we had generated as much as imported this year. Also gas usage data graph below, gas usage in 2018 was 3,085kWhs slightly more than 2016 total of 3,018 kWhs.

2018 Stats:

Total recorded generation in 2018 = 3,655 kWh's

Best week = 171 kWhrs ... Best day = 24 kWhrs


Electricity comparison generated / imported (graph-weekly data)

Weekly electricity generation comparison (graph)

Monthly PV data graph

Weekly PV generation data table 2018

Cumulative generation 2018

Daily PV data 2018 graph

Weekly gas usage graph 2010-2018

Weekly electricity imports graph 2011-2018

2018 Monthly details:-
January -This month we generated more than last year but 2017 was only half a month with the extended capacity. Generated 101 kWhs still 12 kWhs below the PV-GIS estimate.
February -This month was very sunny and we generated almost double last year. Generated 207 kWhs (PV-GIS average 160kWhs so well above this).
March -This month was very overcast and snowed a few times and very overcast. We generated much less than last year. Generated 229 kWhs (Last year 280kWhs so well below this). But still ahead as a total for the year as Feb was so good.
April -This month was very overcast and another very poor generation result. Generated 311 kWhs (Last year 419kWhs so well below this).
May -This month was very sunny with above average generation. Generated 486 kWhs (Last year 460kWhs).
June -This month was very sunny with well above average generation. Generated 556 kWhs (Last year 455kWhs).
July -Another was very sunny month with well above average generation. Generated 555 kWhs (Last year 456kWhs).
August -This month was very similar to last year, Generated 406 kWhs (Last year 403kWhs).
September -This month generated more than last year with several good weeks, Generated 320 kWhs (Last year 296kWhs).
October -This month well above average,Generated 260 kWhs (Last year 195kWhs).
November -This month very similar to last year,Generated 142kWhs (Last year 146kWhs).
December -This month very similar to last year,Generated 82kWhs (Last year 84kWhs).